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Orion High Technologies has developed a large catalogue of hybrid and functionalized nanomaterials, nanostructured screen printed electrodes, magnetic nanoparticles for fast protein and nucleic acids purification (NanoCaptors) and bioactive natural and recombinant proteins.

Functional Nanomaterials and Nanohybrids

R & D

// Nanomaterials for (Bio)Sensors and  Drug Delively

Orion High Technologies S.L. is accomplishing a solid research and development strategy to increase the number of marketable products and to develop new analytical systems, nanomaterials and applications.



At Orion Hitech we are continuously working for the benefit of society by applying our unique competencies in sensing and biosensing technologies to help build a safe and sustainable world. Our company is developing new and advanced analytical systems for more accurate, simple and affordable biomedical, veterinary, food and environmental analysis.


Our company has a dedicated R&D program for the design, assembly and evaluation of novel and smart drug delivery systems based on our proprietary advanced nanomaterials for cancer theragnosis.

Advanced Sensor and Biosensor System


// Customized Products and


Orion Hitech is pleasant to offer tailored solutions to our customers in our fields of expertise.

Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors:

    - Customized enzymatic biosensors, immunosensors, genosensors and aptasensors

    - Nanomaterials-based sensors

    - Tailor-made nanostructured sensing surfaces on screen-printed electrodes

NanoCaptors for magnetic separation of cells and biomolecules:

    - On demand functionalization of NanoCaptors systems for protein, nucleic acids, and cell separation and purification

    - Establishment of optimized protocols for magnetic purification of biomolecules and cells

Engineered Nanomaterials:

  On demand preparation of surface functionalized nanomaterials based on:

     - Graphene and carbon nanotubes

     - Superparamagnetic nanoparticles

     - Metal and metal oxide nanoparticles

     - Mesoporous nanoparticles

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A Research & Development Company


// Mision, Vision, Core Values

Orion High Technologies S.L. is a privately held company headquartered in Madrid, Spain. This enterprise was founded by experienced researchers with outstanding results in analytical chemistry, drug design and delivery, nanomaterials and enzyme technology.

Our Mision

At Orion HighTech we believe science and technology empower people and promote sustainable economic development. Our mission is to provide new products, new solutions and new insight to our customers in the fields of analytical sensors, medicinal chemistry, nanomaterials and enzyme technology.

Our Vision

    - Cutting-edge products and best-in-class services

    - A company where successful people want to work

    - Number one in customer trust and market share

    - Sustainable financial performance

Our Core Values

    - Science and technology at the core of human development

    - Innovation and continuous improvement

    - Honesty and integrity

    - Teamwork

    - Corporate citizenship and social responsibility

Orion High Technologies S.L., A Spanish Company.


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